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first contact

[in collaboration with Reaktor Wien]

During the first pandemic lockdown of 2020, REAKTOR Wien approached Alexander Yannilos with the concept for an event, conceived to be more than a concert: a celebration of live music, improvisation and the deep connection between artists, audience and architecture. The illustrious main hall would become a resonator of sound and emotion, safely providing an audience of a hundred with an hour of community and excitement during a time of isolation and uncertainty. 
For this special occasion, Yannilos brought together an eclectic group of instrumentalists in four previously unheard formations, from Duo to Septet, to collectively translate these strange times into music.

A first contact after months of cultural silence, captured on this record.

Maria Frodl: Cello

Susanna Gartmayer: Bass Clarinet

Philipp Kienberger: Bass

Mona Matbou Riahi: Clarinet

Andreas Semlitsch: Violin

Elias Stemeseder: Piano

Alexander Yannilos: Drums


Recorded live on June 13th 2020 at Reaktor Wien

Recorded/ Mixed/ Mastered by Alexander Yannilos

Live-Sound/Recording Assistance: Vedran Mandic

Produced by Reaktor Wien & Alexander Yannilos

Artwork: Alexandra Warlits

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