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There´s something unexpected

cutting through the familiar static.

A fragile moment. A sudden outburst.

A deep connection. 

A /kry for freedom.


[Mona Matbou Riahi : Clarinet/fx]

[Philipp Kienberger: Bass]

[Alexander Yannilos: Drums]

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Mona Matbou Riahi - Clarinet/fx

Philipp Kienberger - Bass/fx

Alexander Yannilos - Drums


Recorded Aug 15th-17th 2021

at ORF Funkhaus Studio 2

Recording, Mix and Master:

Alexander Yannilos

Studio Assistance:

Linda Steiger

Produced by:

Alexander Yannilos & /kry

Artwork: Philipp Kienberger


Foto: c Amin Ebrahimi

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