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The trio PARA was founded in 2011 and is a constellation of three musicians with Austrian and Greek backgrounds. Following their previousThe m albums “Para-ligo” (2012) and “Paraphore” (2014), the trio presents its third work entitled “Paraphon”, recorded live at Kaleidophon festival, Ulrichsberg in 2016. The unique instrumentation of prepared piano, french horn and double bass is remarkable. Kakaliagou, Schmoliner and Stempkowski play a musical language of shifting textures and colours, where individual voices often melt into one. This non-soloistic approach to ensemble playing is a defining feature of PARA.

Music journalist and artist Andrew Choate writes: “Patterns insist on attention through an invitation of understanding: predict what's next based on what came before. When we're correct, we appreciate the logic. But our comfort should make us nervous and scared: what happens when the pattern breaks, or when our expectation is folded into need? Are we capable of dancing with the inevitable end? Something about assurance undermines faith. PARA craft a music that bestirs the experience of faith with an instinct for trespassing into realms where faith can't save anything. A ritual cracked in half to let loose all the moaning fires, throbbing bone whistles and unclaimed desires floating uncontained around us. They will howl and moan and whimper and whine and growl and rattle but you only hear that because this is what you are doing, too.”

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Elena Kakaliagou - french horn

Ingrid Schmoliner - prepared piano
Thomas Stempkowski – double bass

Recorded live at Kaleidophon Festival /Jazzatelier Ulrichsberg, 06.05.2016

Recording: Alois Hummer (ORF)

Mix, Master: Alexander Yannilos

Artwork: Matias Guerra


Release: 19.01.2018

Kanis den ixere pou pai / /Niemand wusste wohinPARA
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